KDE users in Chile? You aren't alone!


Just a heads up to any readers who are in Chile (or South America for that matter) that feel like they would like to make some new KDE friends. There is an active KDE chile group on google groups which you really should subsribe to and check out.


(Some of the kde-chile folks and myself at Encuentro Linux 2009)

That's all! Keep on hacking and have fun! :)


hi jesper. Nice picture. Thanks for you blogpost.i'm the second in the list (left to right)

Yaaaa... Esta sí que es la prueba de que (por fin) en cualquier cosa, en cualquier parte, siempre hay (por lo menos) un chileno. ¡Vamos!

BTW, I couldn't resist the intro in spanish :P. You'll see me there, in that group. GO, KDE-CHILE!

Hey, I'm Tomaz Canabrava, from the Brazilian KDE Deveolopers and Users group. We have a 200 - page PDF Qt - KDE course, I think you should try to translate it ( it's currently in pt-br ) or create one for you , and start to teching in universityes and congtresses. ;D

Jesper thank for this post. Today Helio Castro visit our group, he is KDE Primary contact for South America. Apparently all is well in the group and will soon have a website, wiki and other surprises

Sheesh, you never stay put do you? :D

Wait a minute, now I look back on your blog, you live in Helsinki? I've been there twice in the past few months. I should've cashed in my free beer. I usually only see you at conferences where the beer is already free... whereas beer is the far opposite of free in Finland. :D

Anyways expect an email the next time I go. ;)