GCDS - the story so far

The Grand Canaria Desktop Summit has been incredible so far. The amount of talent and enthusiasm for Free Software has not only been amazing, but equally impressive and inspiring. The GNOME and KDE folks talking openly and discussing future plans - proving - that the so called "desktop flame war" is more or less completely gone. I really look forward to the hacking these coming days - hopefully implementing a few of the things that have been discussed this weekend myself. Also, worth mentioning is the amazing job that Nokia did with the sponsorship.

Two best Christmas presents...

First off, a totally sweet new laptop :)

As you can tell - the Macbook is indeed running KDE4 already :) Impressive speed too...Compiled Qt 4.4 (with webkit) in under 20minutes :) Note: I'm still going to be using the EeePC as my main travel machine - it's just so small and light, even compared to the Mac!

Even sweeter though: