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My name is Jesper Thomschütz. Ever since I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, I have been on the move from place to place; travelling between northern/central Europe and the U.S.
After finishing my American/Swedish high school education I moved on to study Software Engineering and Management back in Gothenburg. During this time, I was accepted to a software developer internship at Trolltech ASA in Oslo, Norway. After a terrific experience, I later returned to work full time as a software quality assurance engineer.
I am still currently employed at Trolltech where I am developing a next generation testing/qa framework, improving upon the development model, and acting as the Trolltech liaison to the Linux Standards Base. I mainly work with Trolltechs flag ship product, the cross-platform C++ toolkit Qt.
Some of my professional goals are:

  •  Expanded knowledge of software development paradigms and methodologies
  •  Improved programming techniques

I have a deep passion for Open Source Software and GNU/Linux. My earliest experiences with Linux involve formatting my poor Windows 95 machine and installing Redhat and Caldera Linux. Although a fun adventure, it wasn't until around the year 2000 that I began to take Linux seriously and work with it full time. After using about every window manager/desktop environment available I finally settled with KDE, and have never switched back since.
A few of my hobbies & interests include:

  • Software engineering
  • Open Source as a philosophy as well as a development and business Model
  • Martial Arts
  • Movies
  • Gaming (virtual as well as real life)
  • Linguistics
  • Paint ball
  • Digital photography and art
  • Learning new seemingly arbitrary skills
  • Organizing small events, such as lan parties and install fests.


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